Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another year has passed with us hardly realizing it.  We are so grateful for no major injuries or trips to the ER this year.  I didn't think that was even possible!
Early December, Grace celebrated her 3rd birthday in My Little Pony style.  Along with playing with ponies, she loves hauling all her favorite stuffed animals around in a cardboard box.  Really, that's all we should have bought her for her Christmas present.  She loves animals and when she sees one, an audible "aaaaawwwe!" is heard followed up by her sticking her face in the poor creatures face with all sorts of adoration.  However, she still remains competitive with her brother ("I beat ya!") and loves to be "Flash girl" super hero when she's playing with him.
Josiah, of course, still loves playing superheros.  I came downstairs the other day to find him zooming around the house with his trusty superdog trailing behind him. He loves preschool and has discovered his artistic skills while there. 
 Christmas was celebrated in Minnesota and Wisconsin this year. Mandi, my sister, bravely conquered traveling via airplane with three little ones to visit family with Ryan (her husband) coming in a few days later.  Our kids were so thrilled to have thier beloved Texan cousins up to visit for a week dispite all the illness that prevailed.  I came down with strep throat so I got out of a lot of cooking! ;) 

 I couldn't help adding this picture in, notice the coordinating scratched faces on both kids.  Grace smashed in to the stairway and Josiah was scratched by Grace a few days later. 
Last weekend we celebrated Wyatt's first birthday.  He has really grown up in the past two weeks where he tries to do everything Grace and Josiah do.  He gets in the middle of all thier projects and talks up a storm to them.  We are so blessed to have this sweet little guy in our lives!

This past week we went to the RAD (Reptile Amphibian Discovery) Zoo in Owatonna.  We got to pet and feed all sorts of animals and Josiah got to put the snake on his shoulders.  A definite must do for all of you with little ones. 

God Bless, The Lins